Iphone Controlled Helicopters

If you have kids, or you sometimes feel like an adult trapped inside of a kid’s body, then you might have heard of iPhone Helicopters by now. While iphone remote controlled helicopters are certainly nothing new, the recent advances in mobile technology have certainly ramped up the way in which we interact with our remote controlled gadgets.

Why fly with an iPhone Helicopter?

iphone helicopter which can be controlled by any apple device such as ipod, iphone or ipadThe problems with the traditional remotes included in the traditional models of remote controlled helicopters compared to the iphone helicopters are numerous. The first of which, is that by having a dedicated remote for the helicopter, it is just one more thing that you will have to remember to charge, or worse, replace the batteries for. Since your iPhone is likely an integral part of your lifestyle already, chances are you will have it on you, fully charged and ready to go at all times.

Another big drawback of having a dedicated remote is that most remotes have moving parts which have a reputation of breaking easily. When the remote control for your helicopter breaks, you are left unable to use your helicopter until you can get a replacement sent from the company which can often take several weeks or more. With no moving parts, your iPhone is a much more reliable device to use as a remote and if for any reason your iPhone happens to break, you can always borrow a friend’s or use a device like an iPod Touch temporarily until you can get a replacement iPhone. Since most stores in your country carry iPhones, getting a replacement iphone to take you back up into the air again is an ordeal that takes just an hour or so.

Another huge You can control this iphone quadcopter with your ipad, ipod or iphone.advantage of using your iPhone to control your helicopter is that you have a much wider range of control over your airborne gadget. While a traditional remote is only capable of performing so many functions, the amount of things you can do with your iPhone as the remote control are almost limitless. Also, since the iPhone remote control is entirely software based, you may even see new features and functions being added to the iphone application in the future – something that would be impossible on a traditional remote short of upgrading your remote entirely. If you plan on choosing an iPhone helicopter that also has the capability to take videos, you will have the added benefit of viewing the video you are capturing on your iPhone’s screen in real time. If you’ve ever used a remote controlled video helicopter with a traditional remote, you know how frustrating it can be to send your copter up for several minutes at a time, only to realize that you managed to capture none of the footage you were after due to bad angling. When you have the option to view the video on your iphone which you are capturing in real time, you can make adjustments on the fly (no pun intended) to ensure you are always getting the best shot possible.

How to choose the right iPhone Helicopter for you

There are a few different types of iPhone helicopters out there, each one suited for different skill levels. Believe it or not, it actually takes a fair bit of skill to use the more advanced versions of iPhone Helicopters, which is exactly why the hardcore users tend to get a bit peeved when people refer to their beloved gadgets as toys.

Coaxial Helicopters

this iphone helicopter is controlled using a wifi signal from the helicopterIf you are just getting started with flying, a Coaxial Helicopter is definitely your best bet. Coaxial Helicopters have two sets of blades, an upper set and a lower set, which both spin in opposite directions of each other. Because of the extra set of blades, Coaxial Helicopters are extremely stable, making them great for first time flyers of the iphone helicopters. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these helicopters don’t have the ability to move though, as they can still be extremely quick, zooming through the air at high speeds once you get the feel for the various maneuvers.

Single Blade Helicopters

your iphone screen when you install the iphone helicopter app Those people who have already mastered the Coaxial Helicopters or have been flying already for some time before making the switch to an iPhone Helicopter may want to consider the Single Blade Helicopter models. As the name would suggest, these models only use one blade and can move much faster than the Coaxial Helicopters. They are also capable of performing several acrobatic maneuvers, so naturally the level of skill required to fly them is much higher than your basic iphone controlled coaxial helicopter. If you already have a bit of experience flying remote controlled helicopters, then you will be able to have a whole lot of fun with a Single Blade Helicopter.

Iphone Quadcopters

parrot drone iphone helicopter with a built in cameraThis is where the fun really starts, although you should be at least at an intermediate level of flying before attempting to commandeer an iphone Quadcopter. This style is made up of four individual blades that are joined by a centre body. Quadcopters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the four individual blades, Quadcopters are extremely stable but that doesn’t stop them from being fast as lighting. Given their high rate of speed, you must always be careful when flying a Quadcopter at top speeds, especially when there are other people around in your flying area. One of the famous iphone helicopters is the Parrot Drone, it’s a ripper.


The size of iPhone Helicopter that will be right for you depends muchblack and white nano mini iphone helicopter less upon your skill level and more on where you will actually be flying your helicopter. If you plan on flying your helicopter indoors, you will want to go with the smallest size possible, in order to keep your iphone helicopter from crashing into and breaking the delicate items in your home. If you plan to fly mainly outdoors, then feel free to choose any size you like, but the bigger the better, as far as we’re concerned!

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing An Iphone Helicopter

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Think about where you will be flying – indoor or outdoor?
  3. Have you flown an iphone helicopter before?
  4. Do you want a single blade, coaxial or quadcopter
  5. Decide if you would like your friends to be able to fly your iphone heli without breaking it? If yes, consider a coaxial
  6. Do you intend to progess in the hobby?

different kinds of iphone helicopter for you to choose fromThere is so much that can be said about iPhone Helicopters, that we have barely just scratched the surface here, but it should be enough to get you started on becoming a bonafide iPhone Helicopter pilot. Just figure out which model is right for you and we’ll see you up in the skies!

iPhone Helicopter Reviews

Here are some iPhone helicopter reviews from real users that we have summarized so that you can decide better on which iPhone drone that best suits your needs and budget.

iPhone Controlled Griffin Helicopter

iPhone Controlled Griffin Helicopter


According to Griffin iPhone Helicopter reviews, what makes this iPhone controlled drone highly popular to users is its relatively cheap cost. It is currently on the market for approximately $50. Basically the chopper is controlled with the help of the Helo TC application and line-of-sight infrared. What gamers love about this cheap drone iPhone controlled toy are its recordable flight plans, with this feature you can easily go back, rewind and watch your chopper’s flights. Furthermore, users agree that the tilt sensors afforded by an iPhone helicopter is way easier than the virtual joystick.




iPhone Helicopter MOTA

IPhone Helicopter MOTA is another cheap iPhone controlled chopper selling IPhone Helicopter MOTA is another cheap iPhone controlled chopper.at $45. It is relatively a new comer in the market and is not only controlled by an iPhone but also through an Apple iPad or iPod Touch. Due to its small size, the MOTA helicopter is perfect for playing indoors, allowing you more playtime hours on the sly! It can easily be controlled with the help of the Smart Helicopter App which can be downloaded on iTunes. You can also choose how to control your chopper via your iPhone motion or touch sensors.


iSuper RC Helicopter

iSuper Iphone Remote control helicopter Another challenger in the iPhone controlled toy choppers arena is the iSuper RC Helicopter. Admittedly, of the three this is the most expensive—although it’s only a measly difference of $10. It is sold in the market for $60 and is best played indoors. Among the highlights of this toy is that it makes use of Bluetooth and the iDevice application as parts of its controlling mechanisms. Among the top feature of this iPhone drone is that it’s build to last and withstand crashes, falls and bumps. Further, its blades are quite resilient that it does not easily break even if it takes a swooping crash.


Silverlit Smart Link RC Helicopter

The Silverlit Smart Link RC Helicopter is considered as one of the best iPhone helicopters in the market these days, with real user ratings of 8 out of a scale of 10. Typically, this iPhone drone works best with an operating system of at least iOS 4 and works compatibly well with iPads, iPod touch and the iPhone. What users like best about the Silverlit RC Helicopter is that you can make use of single or double hand gestures to control your helicopter. Tilt modes make it easy to maneuver your iPhone controlled drone to the right or left and even forward. If you get bored with it, then you can also revert to a virtual joystick to practice your prowess.

iSuper iHeli-032 Helicopter

The iSuper iHeli-032 Helicopter is indubitably one of the expensive iPhone helicopter in the market. It is of medium built but weighs as little as 4 ounces for easy flight maneuvers. But, of course along with being lightweight, it can easily be swept by wind current so take not of this feature. Plus, this specific type of drone has a built in iPhone helicopter camera that is quite useful for chasing your friend’s drones or simply for its added features like: capability to playback and record your chopper’s flying patterns. While others make use of the built in camera to play games and let the kids in them run wild and free. The iSuper iHeli-032 Helicopter is being sold on amazon for as low as $115.

6020i Helicopter Ipilot

Another great iPhone helicopter on the market is this ipilot iPhone helicopter seires of 6020i. Aside from being relatively cheap with a retail price of $79, there are plenty of online merchants who can give it to you for as low as $40. Among its top features that users and gamers like is that you can remotely control the chopper from a distance of 10 meters. So that also means you can let it soar as high as ten meters with its chake and tilt iPhone control. However, one of the minimal drawbacks of this ipilot iPhone helicopter is that its flight time can last only for ten minutes before charging it up again.

Akita Black Eagle iPhone Helicopter

The Akita iPhone Helicopter is also among the priciest iPhone controlled choppers in the market that sells for a whopping $130, but this price includes shipping to any point in the world. But, according to iPhone Helicopter reviews,  its number one feature is the fact that you can fly it remotely from as far as 30 meters—which is the longest distance remotely iPhone controlled chopper in the market thus far. Further, the Akita Black Eagle also features a front end light making it possible for you to fly this iPhone helicopter during night time, which gives you more possibilities for fun, games and playtime. Then, it also has a built in gyroscope that will ensure as stable and smooth flying of your chopper. And lastly, it boasts of a metallic body which is quite heavy duty. It is hard enough to withstand falls and crashes.

Robocopter GST Special Edition

Robocopter GST Special Edition is another iphone controlled helicopter toy from the leading toy makers, Extreme Fliers. The iPhone helicopter reviews made by users with regards to this specific helicopter iPhone toy is that it has amazing controls and a 3-directioinal tilt to boot—enabled by its dual rotors. Not only is the Robocopter GST Special Edition controlled by an iPhone but also with your iPad or iPod touch too. It is easy to use, just download the Extreme Fliers App online which is for free and then plug in the Hyperbrain Controller into your iOS device and you are free to start playing with your iPhone helicopter toy. Another amazing thing about this toy from Extreme Fliers is its price. It is actually sold for $120, quite expensive, however there are plenty of online merchants that sell this toy at nearly 60% discount to give you better savings and more time to play!